TCWR Winter Break Training Camp final report and review

What’s up?

Join Team Colorado Whitewater Racing Club in our Winter Break Slalom Training camp. Come to train hard, improve your slalom skills and have fun with us!

From December 27th, 2013 to January 17th (drop-in training camp, come and leave when you want)

Where?  What’s the course like?
In San Marcos (Texas). The course is located 30 minutes south of Austin. The Rio Vista Whitewater Park consists of a top flatwater section plus 3 class II-III drops. It is ideal for developing technique, and it is also the perfect spot for hardcore winter training given the water and weather conditions. The course is spring fed, therefore the water level is stable all year round and the water temperature is always around 71º.

Who can come?
The camp is open to all ages and abilities. We will have three basic lines of work with their own scheduled practices:

-Development / technification paddlers

-High performance slalom athletes

-Senior Master paddlers

How is this going to work?
Paddlers interested in joining the training camp, let us know before december 15 leg / legs you would like to attend.

-Leg 1: December 27th – January 4th

-Leg 2: January 4th – 11th

-Leg 3: January 11th – 17th

The house we have booked is just 5 minutes paddling to the slalom course, and fits up to 15 persons. It is big, confortable and convenient.

How much?
The average daily cost will be around -most likely below- 100$. This includes lodging, food and coaching.

*Individual adaptations with regard to lodging, lenght of the camp, special coaching needs can always be done.

More questions?

Jordi Domenjó Cadefau (303) 585 0627
Russ Huff (

Thanksgiving 2013, San Marcos Texas
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