I am proud to present information about the first WWOCD National Championship hosted in Colorado since 2010. Practice for the event is available all the way up until the start of racing on Saturday the fourteenth. Everyday there will be a competitor meeting, boat control, a five- mile race from the Salida boat ramp through bear creek rapid, and a long race from the Salida boat ramp to the Rincon takeout. In addition to racing there will be an incredible tcwr_logo_1_100_round
opening ceremony, various competition committee meetings, and a competitors banquet. We have got all kinds of classes for Nationals. We’ve got everything from u16/+26 races to youth races. In addition to an amazing race ahead of us we have the pleasure of having several friends from Maine and the east coast joining us as well as a good handful of junior racers from Spain who will be joining us.

We also are lucky, or crazy, enough to be hosting another National competition this summer only a few days after the WWOCD National Championship. This is going to be another amazing race, but this time in Buena Vista instead of Salida. This one is all about open canoes and making them turn. This is the 2018 Open Canoe Slalom National Championship. Again we will have friends form all over to race with and an incredible number of different classes to race. We have three days of racing for slalom starting on July 20. This is going to be a huge few weeks and Team Colorado is going to give 110% in racing, timing, and organizing this prestigious event. Let’s get a huge crowd out here and give it everything we’ve got!

Summer will soon be upon us!
2018 Wild Water Open Canoe Downriver National Championships results